Khamis, 27 Ogos 2009

Talk about canning again..? just shut up..

1. Suddenly canning sentence become an attractive topic to talk about in Malaysia and Worldwide.
2. Many people gave comments about this sentence.
3. Muslims or non Muslims, local and foreigner from east to the west.
4. Very few of them were qualified but the rest weren't, even understood what is fiqh and shariah are all about.
5. For western, this is the time for them to condemn. Perhaps to colonize once again..
6. And they started to dance..
7. The impacts are varied. But the most is tend to negative's one.
8. All weaknesses has been revealed and will be revealed sooner or later. One by one.
9. But the root problem slowly forgotten and disappear.
10. Why don't everybody shut their mouth up for a while and start talking about so many verses in al-Quran and Hadith that prohibited and condemned alcohol?
12. Can we do that...? Can't? then, let the experts talking..
13. Now and again we are misfocused of the issue.
Who's gonna lose? Muslims perhaps, if no action taken to stop it.
14. To Governments and politicians, please stop this kind of issue.
15. This really didn't benefit to Islam.
16. Or is it a part of Allah's plan? As what have been done by us so far? Innalillah wa inna ilaihiraji'un.

Selasa, 25 Ogos 2009

Canning sentence should not be overstressed

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno suddenly become a celebity in Malaysia now due to her willingness for accepting six strokes of the rotan. On last July 20, the Pahang Syariah High Court had fined Kartika RM5,000 and ordered her to be given six strokes of the rotan after she pleaded guilty to drinking beer at a hotel lounge in Cherating. What make her famous wasn't the crime she did, but the courage she has.

The way of how the media was frequently reporting on this news is not an appropriate act and wrongly focused. It's only could lead this case into a controversial issue. It also give the negative perception of shariah law among Malaysian particularly from non Muslim's view. What the media should focus and concern more is about the dirt of drinking alcohol, not the sentence of canning that already written in Pahang Syariah Enactment. While the verdict is lawful, are we now try to praise someone is guilty and pleaded guilty? Of course we sympathize of her, but the law is still the law, raising up this news everyday certainly can't warn/remind other Muslim not to conduct the crime of drinking alcohol.

Ahad, 23 Ogos 2009

Let us do better in Ramadhan..

When Ramadhan comes again, people are suddenly extremely conscious about time. Some people who might rarely know the exact prayer time of Maghrib, Isya' and Subuh, now becoming so passionate and alert about it in Ramadhan. In one aspect, it is a sign of Muslim to always concern of performing prayer in early time but in the other side of view,it is not what is really to be meant or happened. Break fasting is one of the example. Of course, break fasting shouldn't be delayed but it also must not be delayed too in performing Maghrib prayer. Same goes to 'sahur' where delaying it is become a matter to be encouraged in Islam but not in performing Subuh prayer. Of course, it's easy to talk rather than to do it, but let's we struggle for it. The successful Muslim is the one who be able to control his lust. Let's we include ourselves in that group! This is also become a good reminder for me. What a nice moment if we all together struggling for it and translating it into practicality.

Sabtu, 22 Ogos 2009

Huge number of Muslim...Ramadhan Karim!

When Ramadhan comes again, Muslims all over the world perform their obligation of fasting and at night, they all gathering at mosques to perform prayer esp. tarawih prayer. What a blessed month! Huge number of Muslims performing tarawih prayer together with their family can be seen everywhere. For certain place, it's become more interesting esp in middle east countries. This is a time for them to increase ibadah and other deeds encouraged by Islam such donating, sadaqah and feeding poor people. Break fasting during Maghrib is like a festive where many people preparing meals, gathering and meeting to each other. In a couple of hours, they forgot jobs and works just to enjoy themselves in doing ibadah and socializing with others. All these events express greater significant to Muslim's life. This month really makes Muslims closer to Allah (for those whose take it as an opportunity!). When they are gathering at mosque, we know the number of Muslims is so big. I talk to myself, it's good to see like this in other month where Muslims could become and remain stronger through unity! This is so nice..

Isnin, 17 Ogos 2009

Gold Jewellery For Investment Purposes

Many of us purchase gold fashion jewellery because - it looks good, our mother said so, it compliments the color of our skin, its a great possible investment, yaddy, yaddy yah. The reasons are as numerous as the wonderfully honest dealers who would sell you the gold jewellery.

Perhaps I shouldn’t pass too quickly over the “great investment theme” because it is or can be somewhat important to know that “10 Carat gold” all the way up to “18 Carat gold” is generally not considered to be shrewd investment material. And unfortunately the fact that your home insurance will cover it still doesn’t make it investment grade material.

Some of us want to claim an investment while still flaunting the bling on our skin and there is nothing wrong with that so flaunt something a little or considerably better than 18 Carat in order to claim the investment angle. Typically, the areas of the world where better than 18 Carat Gold can be purchased are parts of India,Philippines,Hong Kong and the Middle East

Some jewellers who don’t sell 24 Carat gold are likely to tell you that there is no such thing in jewelry since its too soft for most applications. They do have a point there however from experience I can tell you that 22 Carat Gold necklaces of 110 grams have been known to support the pull of a 22 klg child.

I first started buying gold in the souks of the middle east. It was, at one time very cheap there. Later I moved on to the gold souks of Dubai and the other middle east commercial centers. Real 24K stuff can be had there.

If truth be told, I thought I was buying 24, but the jewelry was usually only 97-98% pure, but hey, still better than the 14k stuff sold in North America.

Then I found them. These are massive jewellery stores on both the Hong Kong and Kowloon side. They sell amazing pearl, emerald and wonderfully carved gold pieces. Supposedly, the HK government certifies what they are selling, but a few of these tourists traps have all kinds of interesting motivational **deals** especially in Kowloon. Anyway, they have certificates claiming their 24 Carat Gold is 99.999% pure, but when I took their stuff to London, I was told oh no, its only 22K not 24.

When I took this material to a reputable goldsmith to melt down, he again informed me that the material was only 22 to 23 Carats Gold purity. I keep thinking about how embarrassing it would be show one’s own little gold volume/weight measurement tool in one of those massive elite stores and proudly if not loudly proclaim that the pure piece they were trying to sell wasn’t truly pure at all - I am also imagining that one would be set on not unkindly by the police for creating such a fine disturbance.

And I know someone else will post and tell me that they are from HK and the government certifies these big shops blah blah but I have purchased big items 4 times in 6 years and each time while trying to sell elsewhere in North America and the UK have been told similar bad news ( Even when I presented the govt stamped HK certificate|It made no difference to the buyers even when presented with the certificate of authenticity which comes with each piece purchased from HK ) Can authenticity certificates be faked? Certainly. Might certain shops fake them? I can’t say.

The lesson to learn perhaps is when buying gold from a store don’t ever fully 100% trust your seller or your buyer because the value of the metal is so high, understand that if either of the two groups can sucker you for even 2-3% of the value, they will, they can and they won’t stop - irrespective of authenticity proofs blah blah blah.

Lesson learned, when buying precious metals in the form of jewelry internationally don’t ever fully 100% trust your seller or your buyer because the value of the metal is so high, understand that if either of the two groups can sucker you for even 2-3% of the value, they will, they can and they won’t stop - irrespective of authenticity proofs blah blah blah.

If your goal is really investment and you have no real need to put on your bling then buy a regulated certifiable gold bar from a western based dealer who is very much liable in western courts and has both insurance and liability coverage.

If what you are looking to purchase is 14 Carat or below, ignore everything above since, 14 Carat is not investment quality anyway.

If you are in Hong Kong and hesitating to buy. Don’t hesitate, just understand that very rarely ever will a street vendor sell you absolutely 24 Carats, even if he/she believes that is truly the gold carat. Haggle the purchase price with the knowledge that you’re are probably getting substantially more than 22 Carats but really not 24 Carats. Compare this to the North American or even Australian experience where you are most likely being sold only 14 Carats.

So buy it, wear it, enjoy it, don’t lose it and have fun.
Excerpt from Janice Jopin

Jumaat, 14 Ogos 2009

Malaysia kehilangan seniman agung nasyid

Us. Asri, vokalis kumpulan nasyid Rabbani akhirnya telah kembali menemui Allah swt taala tepat jam 11.05 pagi semalam (menurut apa yg dilaporkan MStar) dengan meninggalkan seribu kenangan, seribu jasa dan seribu usaha-usaha dakwah olehnya yang sukar dicari ganti. Umat Islam haruslah merasai akan kehilangannya dan sepatutnya begitu. Saya sendiri tidak dapat menahan sebak tatkala mengetahui kematian beliau yang saya anggapkan secara tiba-tiba. Beliau saya boleh anggapkan sebagai seniman agung dalam industri nasyid tanahair. Jika ada gelaran yang sesuai baginya, saya merasakan beliau layak menerima anugerah seniman dakwah yang paling efektif. Mana tidaknya pelbagai lagu nasyid yang dinyanyikan beliau sesuai sepanjang zaman dan menepati kepada golongan sasaran.

Terlalu banyak lagu-lagu nasyid yang dialunkan oleh beliau menusuk kalbu dan mempunyai seribu makna yang amat mendalam seperti lagu selimut putih yang mengajak manusia mengingati mati. Di dalam menongkah arus industri muzik yang kebanyakkannya melalaikan, beliau tabah mengharunginya dengan semangat yang tinggi. Walaupun dikelilingi oleh manusia yang tidak sealiran fikrah dengan beliau, namun, perjuangan mengajak manusia ke arah kebaikan dan menjauhkan kemungkaran tidak pernah terhenti di tengah jalan. Perjuangan seperti ini amat-amat dirasakan tatkala kita ketandusan tokoh seperti beliau.

Kematian beliau, sekali lagi mengejutkan peminat nasyid tanahair dan seharusnya mengundang juga pihak-pihak berkaitan untuk turut sama berkongsi kesedihan. Tatkala Yasmin di"tribute"kan, adalah amat wajar sekali Us. Asri bin Ibrahim diberi peghargaan seperti itu juga. Sudikah Media Prima, RTM dan ASTRO berperanan?
Marilah kita bersama-sama membaca al-Fatihah untuk kesejahteraan roh beliau. Al-Fatihah

Selasa, 11 Ogos 2009

Plenty: A sign of protest of dollar?

1. More and more Americans started to loose faith in their currency. The currency that owned by one individual. All parties depend on them. They called it dollar and issued by Federal Reserve -a private bank-.

2. The result, people in North Carolina issued PLENTY as their new currency. The "PLENTY" is the acronym for Piedmont Local Economy Tender become the first and foremost currency ever used by Americans since 2001.

3. According to Lyle Estile, the co-founder of Plenty and also the owner of Piedmont Bio fuels, the issuance of the currency purposely to help local economy and to become self reliance. By doing this, it could be able to speed up the circulation of currency in society, thus leads the wealth being able to be distributed smoothly.

4. The PLENTY is issued by Pittsburgh local bank that freed from individual owner's monopoly. Its value is 1 plenty equivalent to USD10 and has three form; 1, 1/2 and 1/4 plenty.

5.Problem with inflation? Not at all. It's merely uses for exchanges not for other purposes such as saving (when currency is saved, we actually freeze its function which is circulation), manipulation etc.

6. In North Carolina, people could be able to use it because the society realizes how important it is when they become self reliable and not too depending on foreign countries. They have their own farms that could supply organic vegetables and meats, local bank that could financing them, bio fuels, textile etc.

7. The more frequent of currency circulated, the richer we are. Contrary to the conventionalism, the frozen currencies can't be circulated well and thus it still in the hand of few people.

Khamis, 6 Ogos 2009

Selsema BABI: Peluang seterusnya utk seluruh manusia bermuhasabah

Selsema babi semakin hari meragut nyawa manusia di bumi satu Malaysia ini. Namun, tindakan pencegahan yang agak longgar seakan-akan terpukau dek keasyikan membilang kes-kes kematian mahupun disyaki terkena selsema babi yang semakin meningkat. Pelajar-pelajar mahupun pensyarah di sini masih lagi boleh bergelak ketawa dan bersimpul malu tatkala cuba-cuba hendak mengacukan 'mask' pelindung ke muka masing-masing. Itu yang belum lagi yang langsung tiada niat hendak memakainya, hanya disimpan di dalam beg bimbit masing-masing mahupun hanya diselit di nota-nota ataupun buku teks yang dikendong bersama. Malah yang lebih syadid lagi, mentertawakan pula si pemakainya. Ini saya kira adalah hasil ketidakseriusan kita memandang wabak ini dari sudut agama dan amaran Allah swt. Setiap yang bernyawa pasti akan merasai mati. Lalu apakah kita sekadar menjadi penyaksi atas fenomena ini dengan hanya menunggu harapan agar vaksin dapat dicipta menjelang oktober? Harapnya tidaklah.

Ini bagi saya adalah peluang seterusnya setelah beribu peluang mungkin yang dahulunya disia-siakan oleh makhluk yang bergelar manusia. Peluang yang mungkin di dalamnya terselit amaran agar kita sentiasa bertakwa dan bertanggungjawab ke atas setiap tindakan dan kepentingan Islam di muka bumi. Ia mengingatkan kita juga akan kematian sebenarnya adalah begitu hampir dengan kita. Cuma kealpaan dan kelalaian yang mengaburinya. Ketidakseriusan kita untuk mengaitkannya kepada agama hanyalah menjadikan diri kita sebag yang enggan bersyukur dan bertaubat atas kesalahan-kesalahan kita terdahulu. Umat Islam Palestin yang cuba menyeberangi Mesir untuk mencari kehidupan telah pun dipenjarakan. Kampung halama mereka telahpun dihilangkan dan dirobohkan. Mungkin ini adalah sebahagian rentetan ketidakpedulian atau ketidakmampuan pemimpin Islam mahpun umat Islam yang perlu direnungi dan diperbaiki. Mungkin juga amaran Allah kepada kita agar kembali semula kepada ajaran sebenar setelah jauh terpesong? Ini tidak lagi dicampurkan dengan penindasan-penindasan orang Islam yang lain-lainnya. Bagaimana pula ya kisahnya saudara kita di Urumqi, Kashmir, Iraq, Gaza dan lain-lainnya? Berkepedulian tahap tinggikah kita terhadap mereka? Tepuk dada tanya iman..!

Rabu, 5 Ogos 2009

Variety of aim in earning gold

Gold is stable. Gold can be anti-inflated value. I knew it. And i think most people knew about it as well. But who will be the one that could be able to transform it into the practicality? Yet, the intention of earning gold is different among others. The establishment of gold as money of transaction still remains blurred.

Why we should own gold?
1. Make money?
2. Merely investing?
3. or Keep it and circle it.

Which one of the above should come first@become your priority?

Well, the no.1 is aiming for millionaire.
No.2 is the one who's an opportunist. The gold perhaps left from their hand. Because perhaps they also looking for the rich.
But for no.3, they looked across border. They knew the existing system should be adjusted if not changed. Thus, earning gold for them is more than just investing it or even making money.

Exam oriented

In what extents the exam based mentality could survives in the market?
It's interesting to hear/know the Education Ministry would consider to abandon UPSR in academic school calendar. They said, the exam only produce the students to boarding school instead of digging/exploring skills such as communications and practicality. Abroad, esp in Japan, we never been heard of exam oriented in their schooling apporach. Never..

What they emphasized on are the courage and confidence of inner self, independent of exploring and doing something etc which the scholars were thinking about this long time ago. Yet, the phenomenon of hoping and depending on teacher continuously happens!

Students in UiTM (even most IPT in Malaysia) i think, are included in that group (dependent). Lack of the confidence in throwing ideas and opinions keep happening in the class and lectures. Questions and arguments of an issue posed to them only left a silent response, thus, make a lecture session to be a mourn and a bore.

They couldn't be blame 100%. The system we created for them lead them in that way. If we really care about the future, let's we change this system of 'examoniac' or 'examophobia'. While the time is running out, keep them in that way is just an absurd.

Selasa, 4 Ogos 2009

Harimau Muda: contoh terbaik hendak berjaya tanpa ganjaran

Sukan bolasepak sudah menjadi lumrah di dalam tanah air sentiasa menjadi perhatian masyarakat Malaysia. Sama ada mereka suka atau tidak bercakap tentang bolasepak, mereka pasti mengetahui akan kewujudan pasukan-pasukan seperti MU, Liverpool, Arsenal etc mahupun pemain-pemain yang menghiasinya seperti Ronaldo etc. Namun, ada satu perkara menarik telah berlaku di dalam sukan bolasepak tanah air kita di mana pasukan muda bolasepak negara bawah 19 tahun telah berjaya merangkul Juara Liga Perdana Malaysia. Mereka bukan saja mencatat sejarah tersendiri dengan merangkul kejuaraan buat kali pertama malah telah berjaya mengenepikan abang-abang senior mereka di dalam liga tersebut. Ini pada saya satu perkara yang amat membanggakan.

Namun, saya tidak mahu memperpanjangkan isu kejayaan tersebut kerana ia mungkin tidak kekal lama. Apa yang menarik minat saya di sini adalah bagaimana mereka berjaya? Ini satu persoalan menarik. Kita boleh lihat, apabila mereka bermain bukan kerana wang tetapi kesungguhan nescaya mereka akan berjaya. Dengan permulaan slot tempat mereka untuk bermain di dalam liga atas dasar belas kasihan FAM, mereka tidak langusng diberi harapan kejuaraan. Belas ihsan dan kasihan FAM ternyata tidak menjadikan mereka "inferior" tetapi sebaliknya anjakan semangat untuk membuktikan sesuatu. Mereka sangat berkeyakinan untuk menang sekalipun lawan mereka tua daripada mereka. Ini adalah semangat yang amat ditagih sekali di dalam arena bolasepak negara kita. Malangnya, semangat yang ditagih inilah semakin pudar dan lenyap di kalangan pemain2 bolasepak kita sekarang dek mentaliti ganjaran yang akan menuggu mereka.

Faktor bukan wang adalah maha penting kerana semangat sepatutnya bukan berpunca disebabkan suntikan wang tetapi minat. Inilah yang telah berlaku di zaman Allahyarham Mokhtar Dahari dulu. Mereka boleh bersaing di pentas antarabangsa kerana mereka merasakan diri mereka bukan "inferior" sebaliknya "superior". Dalam hal Harimau Muda, mereka sudah pun mengetahui, jika mereka menang sekalipun, mereka tidak akan diberi ganjaran wang. Mereka masuk ke padang dengan pemikiran yang bebas dengan ganjaran wang. Hasilnya, sangat berbaloi. Memang tidak dinafikan, wang penting, namun orang yang berjaya sentiasa mendahului pekerjaan daripada ganjaran. Penulis yang berjaya mengaut komisen beribu2 ringgit adakah bermula dengan wang? Tidak, mereka bermula dengan minat. Mungkin wang selepas daripada itu. Begitu juga bidang-bidang lain seperti perniagaan. Donald Trump misalnya didalam tips harian kepada peserta2 "The Apprentice" program realiti TV beliau telah memberikan minat sebagai faktor no. 1 jika hendak berjaya dalam dunia perniagaan. Wang akan datang kemudian. Minat dan kesungguhan adalah faktor mutlak untuk kekal lama. Janganlah belum pun bermula sesuatu, ganjaran telahpun dibangkitkan. Orang yang fikirkan ganjaran sebelum berjaya membuktikan sesuatu, orang itu biasa-biasa saja. Mereka ini tidak mungkin menjadi "excellent". Mereka hanya menunggu peluang sedangkan peluang itu tidak datang bergolek dan peluang sebenarnya mengharapkan usaha utk sampai kepadanya, bukan sebaliknya.

Mungkin orang akan berkata,"alah..muda2 memang tidak fikrikan wang. Cuba dah "otai"..baru dia tahu. Tak hairan lah bila jadi senior jadi "lauk" kepada pasukan-pasukan luar". Adakalanya betul juga, tetapi alakullihal, semuanya bergantung kepada semangat dan kesungguhan serta usaha bagaimana hendak memanjangkan tempoh mentaliti anak-anak muda kita supaya "bebas ganjaran" .